Swede (suaveswede) wrote,

Costuming question

So elsewhere, marzgurls vlog on thatguywiththeglasses, mentions the european cosplay competion that seems to have taken place in london at the end of october last year? Part of some dig do thats not a con per se or SFX related. Anyone know anything about this?

  • Beer !

    YaY! Thanks to a visiting Feorag i am now in possesion of a bottle of Sink the Bismark Looming over my bottle of Penguin.

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    Having become quite a fan of the latest installment i'm sort of curious about the Doctor Who confidentials that are mentioned after every episode.…

  • Eastercon

    So does anybody have a bed to spare in the con hotell or have an urge to split a room in the the overflow ?

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