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I have been watching "beign human" the  tvshow about the werewolf, the vampire and the ghost who share a house. It's quite good and i aam somewhat surprised that nobody else here has mentioned it.


Going to Eastercon, but how ? I thought about flying.  A ticket to Leeds would be a bit over A THOUSAND (1000)  pounds. So i guess i will fly to london     then  take a train and finally a taxi. That should only set me back about a hundred pounds.
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List the towns or cities where you spent at least a night away from home during 2008. Mark with a star if you had multiple non-consecutive stays.

Sint Nicholous, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium


Bermingham, UK

Heathrow, UK

London, UK *

Copenhagen, Denmark

Västerås, Sweden*

Söderbärke, Sweden

Linköping, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden

Denver, USA

New York, USA

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WOW, just WOW !

<div style="padding:16px;border:4px double #fff;text-align:center;background:#ada;color:#000">In 2008, <img src="http://stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif" height=17 width=17><b><a href="http://suaveswede.livejournal.com">suaveswede</a></b> resolves to...<div style="background:#fff; margin:8px 8px 16px 8px; padding:8px; color:#000; border:#ada double 4px">Take <img src="http://stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif" height=17 width=17><b class="lj">tobesv</b> costuming.<br>Drink four glasses of beer every day.<br>Go to the vampires every month.<br>Tell my family about books.<br>Learn to play the fandom.<br>Take evening classes in goth.<br></div><form action="http://thesurrealist.co.uk/newyear" method="get">Get your own <a href="http://thesurrealist.co.uk/newyear">New Year's Resolutions</a>: <input type="text" name="user" style="background: #fff url('http://stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif') no-repeat scroll 0px 1px; padding-left: 18px; color: rgb(0, 0, 204); font-weight: bold;"><input type="submit" value="Generate"></form></div>
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Birthday greeting

As i am here on the correct day and even noticed the thing on the startpage
I would like to join the gathering crowds and Congratulate the ever so awsome flickgc  on her  birthday.
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Birthday Beer

So as only a couple of people have known earlier. On Friday next week i again get older. A whole year older even. To take me mind of this and as i´m will be in bit of a Beer central, London , i thought i might invite people to come and drink beer with me. I have a few venues i mind but i would like to hear a few tips of where one can go on a friday without being totally mobbed.
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